Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Remember how I said that I was an undercover tech geek?  I lied.  I think I'm more of an undercover tech whore than anything else (in the Mean Girls connotation).  I love playing with my new toys, but definitely don't appreciate the real technological things about them that would make me a true geek. 

My new toy

I discovered this when I sat down to write my unofficial review of iPhone 4.0.  The things that I was most excited about were the cameras, the pretty colors and the folders. 

So let's talk about my new iPhone, which was worth driving all the way to the valley during rush hour to pick up. 

The Good
  • It's pretty.  The glass casing looks great, but it gets marked up with your fingers pretty quickly. 
  • The screen colors are really gorgeous and you can finally put a background behind your apps
  • The cameras are fabulous compared to ghetto phone's camera.  Its got zoom, flash, autofocus, video and a forward and backward camera all in one app.  The front facing camera will be great for the "let's take a picture of the two of us when there's no one else around" shots, instead of blindly stretching your arm out and hoping that you're centered in the photo.
  • I love being able to put my apps into folders so they don't take up as much space.  I am able to stretch my compulsive organization into my phone.  Apple really should have gotten on that train earlier.
  • It was fairly easy to transfer most settings right over from ghetto phone to shiny new phone.
  • Improvements from ghetto phone only (newer versions had this already): 3G and photo texts
Home screen with background and folders

The Bad
  • People weren't lying about the reception issues.  Bummer.
  • They said that this phone was slimmer and lighter than before, right?  Hm.  I think they lied.
  • I lost some of my recently purchased music and all of my iTunes folders in the transition between my computer and Hubby's computer, and the subsequent transfer between phones, which I'm not thrilled about.  I'm still going to try to recover the music but I'm not sure if it'll work.

The Ugly
I was going to post a horribly awesome photo of me at work with the forward facing camera..
But I looked like such a hag that I pulled it...I'll use this feature as a mirror before I leave the house from now on...

Overall, it was kind of underwhelming.  Most of the features are very similar (or exactly the same) as ghetto phone.  I guess I shouldn't have expected anything revolutionary. 

Hello shiny new phone and goodbye ghetto phone. Pin It


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