Monday, August 30, 2010

The Decision

After much research and discussion, Hubby and I have made our choice.  We're staying here.  Putting off the house hunt for another year.  Saving money.  Finding a new apartment.  And, most importantly, getting a puppy.

The $300 deposit check has been mailed.  The first of thousands of dollars that will be spent on this little creature who will bring us joy for many years to come.  The hope is that there will be a perfect little girl in the Christmas litter, who will become a perfect little addition to our family.

In preparation, we hunt.  Not for a home this time, but for apartments.  And it's hard.  After months of sweeping kitchens with granite countertops and huge master suites, the standard little 70's one bedroom apartment is hard to stomach.  It's safe to say that the apartment kitchens are smaller than the walk in closets in some of the houses. 

But Hubby is so happy to stay here.  To not have to stress about finding a new job or having enough money to pay the bills.  To find a new little friend to run and play with.  And I am finding myself thrilled to have another year of being close to our friends.  To find a new, better apartment and make it home.  To have a little one to nurture and love and cuddle, but that will not consume my entire life.

So we will continue with our lives on this new path.  And we will hope that the right choice for us was also the right choice for any homebuyer in this economy.  But we will remember that, regardless, it is the right choice for us. Pin It


  1. good for you both!!! marsh and i are at a cross roads too, so i know it's feels... i think you made the right decision though =)

    also, wedding stuff is working out very well. it's looking like we'll stick to just family, BUT we want to plan something for the next time we're on the mainland - a get together of all our friends to celebrate. i think it'll be a lot nicer that way... i don't want friends flying out and spending a fortune to get here and then not even get to spend much time with them. i'd love you to visit soon, regardless though, especially if we end up staying another year or so!! also, THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support and understanding through it all =). let's talk soon! love you mucho, and it's fun keeping up with you through your blog =)

  2. yea, it's been tough, but i guess that's how life is right :)?

    i'm glad to hear that wedding stuff is working out well! as long as you're not stressing too much about it, that's what's important! any news from his potential job?


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