Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Bucket List

Remember when I mentioned that I wanted to look for more newlywed blogs?  Well I found a couple of good ones.  I've been reading Newlyweds Next Door, and I can definitely relate to her, from her most recent post about post-wedding weight gain (and effort for loss), to trips with the in-laws, to her exploration of the joys of cooking and redecorating.  She had the brilliant idea of making a baby bucket list of everything that she wants to do before getting pregnant (big thank you to her for the great idea and for some of my bucket list ideas of she ever reads this)

We all know I'm a little baby crazy.  But there are also a ton of things that Hubby and I want to accomplish before we have little ones.  So here's my first attempt at my baby bucket list...

(Hubby and I have done some of these separately, but we'd like to do them together)
Europe (including at least England, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain)
Africa (on safari)
Napa (for wine tasting, of course)
New York
Road trip from Los Angeles to Canada
Hawaii and/or Caribbean

Work with my current employer for at least 5 years (I've got a year an a half to go)
Increase my work with wedding planners
Plan a few weddings by myself
Help my friends plan their weddings
Have Hubby get promoted a level at work

Home & Family
Buy a house (and decorate it!)
Start a garden (with fruits, vegetables and herbs in addition to flowers)
Hold a housewarming party
Have dinner parties for all of our friends
Host a 4th of July BBQ
Host Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter for our extended family
Cook dinner at least three times a week, every week
Create an earthquake kit for our home
Raise, train and love a puppy
Buy a new car
Purchase our wedding album
Create a will (a bit creepy, but necessary before a baby!)

Craft more often (learn to make beautiful things, on a budget)
Get a new camera and learn how to take beautiful photography (maybe take a class?)
Learn more about wine and wine tasting
Do something active at least three times a week
Go to at least one concert every year
Go to at least one play every year
Go skydiving
Train for a triathalon or a century ride

I'll update this post from time to time as old things are accomplished and new things come up.
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  1. Love this! Happy that I could inspire you!

    I esp. like the learn more about wine one! You should definitely check out Santa Ynez wine country -- it's so laid back, but has great wines. It's a great place to learn more about wines!

  2. It's great to find someone who's going through a lot of the same stuff that I am :).

    I looooove wine...Hubby and I have been up to Los Olivos a few times and it's so much fun! I want to keep going until I'm an expert!


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