Friday, August 6, 2010

Long Dresses

Welcome to the latest addition to my favorite things list.  I have a self professed obsession with maxi dresses (which I like to call long dresses, because maxi dress sounds awkward)

I wear long dresses every time I can get away with it, be it on my honeymoon in Costa Rica...

Pre sunset cruise

In Vegas....

You can't see, but this one is a long dress too!     Lots of us rocking long dresses at my bachelorette

In Palm Springs...

Love this pic...and that orange dress too...

Or just hanging out at the bars...

I've built up a collection of six or seven of them, all of which go against my goal of buying clothes that are practical enough to wear on casual Fridays (unless we're talking party dresses for special occasions).

I love them, not only because they're super comfy, but because they are also really cute and totally work with my body type.  Listen up, all of my pear-shaped friends out there.  If you have decently toned arms and small boobies with unproportionately large hips and thighs, these are the dresses for you. 

Wine tasting in Paso

Especially when you've gained twenty pounds since your wedding and are desperately trying to lose it.

Best of all, places like Forever 21 and H&M (my favorite stores) usually have a really fabulous rotating selection of them, and I haven't spent more than $30 on any one of them. 

I'm just praying that they're still in style when I get pregnant, because all of them would rock as maternity dresses too. Pin It


  1. They are FABULOUS for maternity dresses (though you have to rock a tank or cap sleeve shirt under cause the boobies are HUGE) and also great for after the baby when you feel like a whale. If they're not in, bring them back girl. Rock those dresses!

  2. Lol loves it...I don't know that I'll have the boobie problem though...mine might FINALLY fill everything out like they're supposed to without a padded bra :)


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