Friday, August 13, 2010

Snuggle Up

There were some rad staff appreciation deals going on this week, one of which was $4 dorm lunch which we hit up this afternoon.  Half a salad (at least I tried to be healthy...), two tacos, tortilla chips, french fries, gooey brownie and fro yo to go later, I've gone into full on food coma.  Consequently, I am "reclining" as much as my office chair can handle and have been zoning out since we returned. 

One of my prized possessions...
except I'm usually drinking wine, not coffee...

As I zoned an scanned my usual list of websites, I came upon this article, which introduced me to possibly one of the most exciting products that I've seen lately.  This combines the amazingness that is the snuggy (Hubby bought me the Brookstone nap blanket version as a post-bachelorette hang over gift and adore it) with the comfort and wearability of a romper.  I love blankets and sweats and comfy clothes so this is right up my alley.

It's more like a bathrobe/romper than anything else, but I'm completely in love with the idea and will definitely be adding this to the list of I wants.  It just gets longer every day... Pin It

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  1. THAT IS AWESOME!! I definitely love my snuggie (despite all the giggles I get from admitting I have one), and I've even seen my husband sneak a turn every now and then. I think a bright pink snuggle suit would be all mine however hehe.


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