Monday, August 2, 2010

Zoom Zoom

My car is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am.  It's bright red.  And it's falling apart.

I have been trying to resist the urge to whine about it, because the engine still runs and the battery is still good and I can still drive it.  That's the important thing, right?  I don't want car payments.  It's not worth it right?

Imagine this...with a few scratches...

But it's missing some pieces and knobs, so I can't switch the air conditioning to defrost the windshield.  So sometimes I can't really see.  No big deal.

And I think there's a crack in the windshield wiper fluid container so that doesn't really work.  So I wash the windows when I fill up my gas.

And the driver's side back window doesn't work.  It actually slides down when you go over bumps.  So then you have to manually push it back up.  It usually lets in water when it rains and smells musty for a few days.

And the air conditioning only comes on when it feels like it.  And the windows only work when the air conditioning does.  So if neither of them decide to work on a hot day on your drive home from the gym, it's a little extremely stifling.  Or (in the case of Saturday morning) if the window is down and then decides not to work, then there's nothing to stop someone from reaching in and taking whatever they'd like when you're at the gym or the grocery store.  Then you get to drive around for 15 minutes until it decides to work again.  I will not feel comfortable rolling down my window more than a crack anymore.

Oh and the check engine soon light came on this weekend. 

So do I spend the money to get these things fixed?  Especially when the car is only going to trade in for $1,000 at most? 

Or do I get one of these...

The sweet little Ford Fiesta...test driven this weekend...

Because it's just a matter of time before I'm going to have to anyway. Pin It


  1. I feel ya! The Grand Am I got in HS only lasted 3 years. I swear that thing was a lemon. The entire stearing column would violently shake anytime I would brake going down a hill. The CD player never worked right and I went through 2 sets of tires in 3 years. Yeah...don't really miss that car. Go for the fiesta!

  2. I appreciate the feedback (especially with the similar experience :) )! Now it's just going to be a decision of whether or not to live with it for the sake of buying a house...ugh :).


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