Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I blogged yesterday about our obsession with wine and my desire to make something out of all of the corks and labels we were going through. 

The easiest of the two wine "projects" that I undertook is what we now lovingly refer to as our "cork-hids" (rhymes with "orchids").  I found a large glass vase at Michaels and bought some fake reeds and orchids to put in it.  Then, I filled it with all of the wine corks that we had saved.  It started pretty low, but we add the cork from every bottle that we've drank (we've even taken them from restaurants and have written on the important ones).  I love the way it looks and it's a great reminder of what huge alcoholics we are all of the fun things that we've celebrated together.

Someday, I want to make bulletin boards and trivets with our corks, but we'll wait until the cork-hids are filled up first.

That's 3+ years worth of wine corks...

Tomorrow, I'll post my first real tutorial of the wine label wall art for anyone else who wants to create something beautiful out of their wine memories!

The reeds give some great height to the blank wall

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  1. Cute idea, I should start saving my corks. I could probably build a house. LOL

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  3. Neat idea!!

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  4. Love the idea! It looks great!

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  5. I am following you back. I can't wait to see the events you plan. Fun idea for lots of corks.

  6. Very cute idea!!! I too have a little wine obsession :) Before our son was born my husband and I would go to wineries about once a month. We even got engaged at one. Oh, the good times!
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  7. I love this idea!! it looks so great in your photos. What a genius use for corks.

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    I save wine corks, too. I made a small cork board and posted it on my blog.
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