Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Don't Stop The Music

My dad was a radio DJ during the 70's.  He still works for a radio station now (although no longer in the booth) and has submerged me in all types of music since I was young.  I have inherited my love of music from him. 

My dad and I

A good song can undoubtably cheer up a bad mood.  It can fill me with memories or excitement or passion.  It can even kick a workout into high gear.  I am that girl who sings (loudly) and dances in the car.  The one who listens to music all day at work.  The one who jumps up and down and sings along at concerts, or even in the middle of a local bar.

From this comes my love for Pandora.  I discovered Pandora (an internet radio station that plays songs based on your favorite artists or songs) a few years ago, when I was trying to figure out how to play non-stop holiday music through December (my poor coworkers).  It all started with "Vince Guaraldi Trio Holiday," followed shortly by "Mariah Carey Holiday" (did I mention my taste is somewhat ecclectic?), and progressed from there.

I have *discovered* many new artists from my love of other ones and enjoyed countless hours of happiness on my computer, laptop or phone.  I've listed some of my favorite stations below for you to try if you're in the mood for something new...

The Police
The Postal Service
Ella Fitzgerald
Fleetwood Mac 
Love Story (Taylor Swift)
Coconut Records
Lady Gaga
Backstreet Boys
(yes, I admit it...and if you feel like re-living the fabulousness that is 90's pop you should try it too)

Leave me a list of your favorite Pandora stations for me to add to my list! Pin It


  1. Following you from Welcome Wednesday... And new follower :) Cute cute blog!! Love that list of Artists :) and I am a total 80's and 90's fan!!
    Happy Wednesday!

    Kelly from kellylundkids.blogspot.com

  2. Following from Catch a Wave Wednesday! Have a happy day


  3. What a great blog! You have a new follower! Come visit my blog, Mama's Little Chick and say hi! Then come and join my blog network, Mama's Little Nestwork! It is a great group of bloggers and a super way to get your blog noticed.

    Mama Hen

  4. Oh! I LOVE Pandora - listen to it always. Love my Carla Bruni station - sublime.

    Here from Wandering Wednesday - am your newest follower! I really like your blog. I'd love to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  5. What would the world do without Pandora?! I am constantly whipping out my iPhone to Shazam a song title so that I can go but it later. My favorite stations are Dave Matthews Band and Sara Evans, but I add new stations all the time! I came across your blog on the Talkative Thursday blog hop...i hope you will check out my blog!


    xoxo, Erin


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