Friday, November 19, 2010

Camera Phone Gems, part deux

Since my last foray into my camera phone, my inspiration, Jessica (aka Hunduddle Hussy, aka one of my fav blogs), has begun to post her camera gems once a week.  Of course, I'm too much of a spaz right now to post on the right day, but I got inspirted.  Let's see what we've got...

Hubby has been out of town this week.  Being the totally sane person I am, decided to barricade myself into my bedroom at 3am.  Although any self respecting robber or gunman could probably get through in about 10 seconds.  Ok, so I'm a little paranoid...don't judge...

This is the view of the ocean from our rooftop pool deck.  Baller.  I'm going to pretend our apartment building is as nice as the condo next door too...

Oh the puppies.  Can't help but post the newest pictures.  Sigh.  One of you little balls of fur will be mine in a few short weeks.

My mom and I found this at HomeGoods to buy for the puppy, if we pick a girl.  I sent a pic to Hubby for his input.  His response?  "Not in this lifetime."

Confession.  I like to do my holiday shopping early.  Then wrap my gifts while listening to Christmas music.  In the middle of November

Want to know how I make hot chocolate?  Two packets of mix.  Half a cup of water.  Handful of marshmallows on top.  Booya.

And we'll finish off today's exercise with the obligitory cocktail shot.  Not sure why I decide to take photos of my drinks, but at least these are prettier than my usual redbull vodka.

So now it's your turn.  Let's see your camera phone gems.
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  1. Hi there! Thanks for coming by 504 Main! So you are in LA and you plan events...I am from LA - that is where I did my wedding planning! And I lived by the beach.

    I am totally following you back.


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