Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fast Forward

Do you ever wish that life came with a fast forward button?  I know that we're supposed to live in the moment, but sometimes I wish that I could just hit fast forward and skip over a day or two.  The fast forward itch usually comes when there are big stresses that are on the horizon.  And there's no way for me to just relax and enjoy them. 

I'm looking forward to a long weekend.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.
I'm looking forward to my birthday.
I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to the UCLA v USC football game.
I'm looking forward to getting our puppy.
I'm looking forward to the holidays.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

I wish I could fast forward to each of those, and then push pause.  So what do you say?  Can we skip to Thursday now?
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  1. I would love a fast forward button, as long as I had a pause button too!


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