Monday, November 29, 2010

iPad Obsessed

Some people are coy about what gifts they would like to recieve. I am not one of those people. Hubby has known that I want an iPad for my birthday since they came out last June. He said that we couldn't afford it. He said it wasn't going to happen.

But look at my new toy!!

Isn't he the best?  Seriously.  He's amazing.  So my undercover tech geek has popped back out and I've been obsessing over my new toy since I recieved it.  And it is so cool.  Some of my favorite apps?

PocketInformant, which will hopefully replace my paper planner.  It includes both a calendar which downloads straight from my Google Calendar and a to do list in the same format.

As much as I wanted to like iBooks, Kindle totally beats it out in terms of book selection.  But both are awesome for reading on the go.

Pandora.  A classic.  You know I love it.  And you know it's blasting holiday music everywhere I go for the next month.

Yoga HD.  Because there are some times when I'd rather practice in my living room than surrounded by tiny little flexible girls at the gym.  With this app you can not only do one of 15 pre-set practices, but you can make your own.

Food Network and Epicurious are equally awesome cooking apps, but Food Network gets the slight edge, as I already use their website and could instantly pull up my recipe box.  Both feature great displays that you can read the recipe off of as you cook, and really amazing features for grocery lists which make my day (I'm a list person...).

There are a ton of other ones that I'm just beginning to explore.  I'll try to do periodic updates of favorite new apps for my fellow enthusiasts.  Are there any other iPad lovers out there with app suggestions?  I'd love to hear them! Pin It


  1. ohhh i'll have to try that yoga one! my personal favorites include words with friends (my username is caitseyd), boggle, plants vs. zombies, and labrynth. yes, they're all games. i also read the newspapers through our ipad now (wall street journal, NY times, and USA today are all free). i agree that the kindle beats the ibooks (way easier for reading, and more choices), but i'm pretty much glued to the ipad anyways. OH and if you're looking at houses, the zillow app is pretty awesome (and free). =)

  2. oh, also! did you know there is a kindle app, where you can load your kindle books onto the ipad? pretty nifty. and free.

  3. Thanks for linking up to FFF! Have a Fabulous week!


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