Friday, December 17, 2010

Chri$tma$ $pirit

One thing people fail to mention when you're young is how expensive the holiday season is.  Wait.  Maybe they did mention it and I just ignored them.  Regardless, I feel like every December, my credit card bills soar as I hemorrage cash into gifts, cards, and entertaining.

This whole incredible disappearing checking account thing is really stressful to me. 

Until I see the happy faces of coworkers and friends as they dig in to my spinach dip
Or watch my mom tear up when she opens the gift that she really wanted, but just didn't want to ask for
Or hear Hubby utter the words "this is the best Christmas ever
And I forget about the credit card bills, the checking account balance, and the grocery trips and smile

Happy holidays to everyone.

I will be signing off until after the holidays to spend time with family and friends away from my computer.  I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and have the opportunity to spend time and make memories with your loved ones.  All the best for happy holidays and a happy new year, Mrs. H. Pin It

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