Tuesday, December 7, 2010


...Miss Penny Lane

She's perfect and we're so excited!

Note: I took a hiatus from all things internet after posting on a message board about our puppy and getting a lot of mean, negative responses.  Those people had great information and great points, but put them so hurtfully that I no longer wanted to share or participate.  For those who disagree so vehemently with my choices that they need to attack me, please don't read my blog.  I use this to share my experiences and learn from others in a productive, caring environment.  I will love and care for this puppy for all of her years, and I believe that this is ultimately the most important thing.  Respectfully, Mrs. H Pin It


  1. She is adorable! Have I told you how much I love dogs??

  2. Penny Lane looks perfect!!! :)


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