Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Up in my Grill

Hubby and I didn't have a patio at our old apartment, so we couldn't have a bbq.  The moment we moved into our new place (in October) we rushed out to Home Depot and bought ourselves a beautiful little grill (maybe not the best choice)

Hubby looks so proud.

But ever since then, on days when we decide to defrost some steaks and grill, the weather has kind of looked like this...

...instead of like this (Sunday was gorgeous in So Cal)...

...and my poor Hubby ends up out in the cold or rain trying to make burgers.

I love the holidays, but I also love my grill.  Sometimes I wish it could always be 80 degrees and sunny.

Oh well.  I guess it's easier to get into the holiday spirit when its white and foggy outside.  I guess burgers don't really go with Christmas dinner.  Do you miss grilling during the winter time?
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  1. I miss Prince Charming grilling in the winter...does that count?

  2. I am lucky... Despite the freezing NY weather, my husband still grills. We have an outdoor heater that helps, but he really doesn't mind the cold.

  3. I seriously wish it could always be 80 degrees. Today is the first day all week that it's about freezing in DC. So sad.


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