Monday, January 10, 2011

Strike a Pose

As we all know, I am frequently spoiled by Hubby.  But, this Christmas, we were also quite spoiled by our families.  My in-laws decided it would be nice to get us an iPad.  Which, unfortunately, we already have.  Luckily, we realized could return it and use the credit to purchase a shiny new Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Uh huh.  Be jealous.  I'm even jealous of me.  I've been wanting a digital SLR for ages.  I love pictures and I've always been interested in photography.  Plus, I'm an undercover tech geek

So now all I have to do is wait for my new toy to arrive.  And then we can all enjoy the resulting photos.

And learn.  Anyone have any recommendations for books to read or classes to take? Pin It


  1. Yeah! I just got the T2i and LOVE it so far! I have the "for dummies" book on the way and i know they have one for your camera too!

  2. So excited for your new camera! Have fun taking lots of pictures.


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