Monday, February 28, 2011

Headband Love {and Real Style}

I loooove headbands.  I mean, they're one of those accessories that can make your outfit pop, but never make you look fat.

Enter Nichelle from Vintage Wanna Bee and her gorgeous headbands.  The Momma Go Round facebook posted up that VintageWannaBee was the deal of the day on Etsy, so I had to go check it out.  I mean, who doesn't love a good deal

And there they were.  Gorgeous, delicate lace headbands that promised to not only be beautiful, but to be comfy too.  And to a headache proned lady, that was all I needed to know.  I bought one in grey, one in yellow, and a cute little rosette headband too.

**Warning: this was my first attempt at self photos,
and there are some that are majorly just slightly out of frame, 
so please don't laugh. 
Or at least not too hard**

I slipped on the grey one, and success!  The gorgeous little headband stayed on my head, but not so tight that it cut off circulation to my brain.  This one was going to be my go to for my work wardrobe, which consists mostly of shades of black, grey and navy (I'm boring at work, what can I say?).

Next, I tried on the yellow.  This one was mostly to wear to UCLA games.  But as soon as I put it on, it just made me feel happy, flirty and fun

I have a feeling I'm going to wear it

The rosettes were my little extra splurge.  They weren't on sale, but I figured that as long as the other ones were, I might as well.  I already saved money, right?  And they are just too cute for words.

And for a quick zoom back, I'm participating in Momma Go Round's Real {Puppy} Momma, Real Style link up today. She said it was cool for me to participate even tho I'm not realllly a momma. I swear.

Headband: VintageWannaBee (have you not been paying attention??), Necklaces: vintage (from grandma), Tunic: H&M, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Bloomies (from back when buying shoes was more important than paying rent)
Momma Go Round

So go hit up VintageWannaBee right now and grab some headbands so you can feel as fun and fabulous as I do!  And if you're feeling like a hot mama, link up to Momma Go Round's Real Momma, Real Style partay!

*As always, this is not a sponsored post.  Just some true love for Nichelle's pretty products that I wanted to pass on to ya'll* Pin It


  1. Oh my gosh you look ADORABLE! Those headbands are so cute on their own, but on you....super cute :) I'm with ya, the rosette on is just amazing.

    And of course puppy mommies count!!! It's a very important job. LOVE YA!

  2. They are super cute on you! Headbands aren't so cute on me…but I don't think I'm as cute as you w/o one either :)

  3. I got myself the grey headband too and I love love it! Super cute outfit! Love the boots! :)

  4. Adorable photos :)

    Hello! New follower from McHoppin' Mondays :)
    Hope you take time to follow back.

    Mommy Kerin

  5. thanks for the visit! I am now following you back. Your blog is fun!

  6. love the headbands on you so cute. also love vintage wanna be!

    I also have some headbands on my etsy shop if you are looking for more LOL

  7. I am totally diggin your brown boots!!
    Such a fun linky party.. have a great week!!

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  12. I'm so glad you my blog, because I already love yours! Such cute pics!! I LOVE those headbands too!!

  13. How darn cute are you?! Has anyone ever told you that you look like the chick from Weeds? Super cute and so are the headbands. :)
    I'm popping over from Blog it Fwd. and I'm a new follower. Would love for you to stop by Staying Home and Staying Sane

  14. How cute and fun! You've combined to of my favorite places to visit.

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  16. Hi!

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog layout.☺
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  21. Really cute headbands.
    I am hopping over from Totally Tuesday blog hop. I am a new follower.

    Have a great day!

  22. What a fun site! Your newest Follow me back Tuesday follower

  23. I'm a huge headband lover too!

    Following from Follow Me Back Tuesdays. Spread the love!

  24. I'm a doo-rag wearer myself.... They don't really look cute... but they hide my dull dishwater blonde hair from sight and keep it out of my face too... BONUS!


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