Thursday, April 28, 2011

Game Time {Camera Phone}

It's been a while since I played the camera phone game
This one's going to be a little spazzy
But so am I
So let's just jump in and do this thang.

Hubby and I consider this a balanced meal.
and Girl Scout cookies

Sometimes, when Hubby leaves for work trips, he leaves little gifts
Flowers and chocolate for me
And a beautifully arranged bouquet of treats for Boogerdog

Booger had to go in to get spayed
She came out looking all tired and pathetic
But totally rocking her pink armband
(from the IV)

Sometimes you think you look really cool
With your fabulous brown boots
Until you have to take them off in the security line at the airport
And your socks don't match.

Remember when I went to the Bay?
We were pampered and go to play dress up
And I took quick self portrait to show the Hubs what he was missing
As my girl Fergie would say
(but not really in my tunic and leggings in the daylight
the fake eyelashes looked a little more *hooker* than fab) 

I saw this cheese mini van parked in front of the market
I want one.

Ok, I need everyone's help
With a current cultural mystery
Are Toms cute or ugly?!?!
(they're clearly not cute with maxi dress,
which I happened to be wearing...)

That's my story, morning glory. 
Hope it wasn't too weird for you.
Don't forget to check out the lovely Jessica of The Lowe Family News for the inspiration behind the camera phone game.

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  1. Toms: They are ugly and yet I own two pairs. Why? They are practical and comfortable and can be easily pulled off when wearing jeans

  2. lol, this was great, love it. The matching socks were definitely my favorite!

  3. oh my gosh, your little tiny dog with that teeny arm band is too cute! and: i want some toms wedges. the perfect compromise i think:)

  4. Stopping in on a blog hop, but it appears I already follow you! :)

  5. Thank you for the follow...I am returning the favor!

  6. New follower and the shoes...not my cup of team, but then again I might now know whats hip lol

  7. Good evening! New follower from the blog hop ;) Love the photo of the dog with the pink arm band!! Hope you have time to stop by my blog! Have a great weekend.

    My Blog

  8. Hey! New follower from the TGIF blog hop.

  9. following you GFC from blog hop!

  10. Hi!
    I'm your newest follower from Buzz on By Thursday! Stop by and say hello at the Frugal Invitation!

    P.S. Love the Tom's, but don't own a pair myself!

    Frugal Invitation

  11. That's so cute that your hubby leaves you little gifts! What a sweet guy

    I personally think toms are ugly...but I think they're great for the good work they do :)

  12. Blog hopping from Misty's Thoughts Too and now following.

    I think Tom's are ugly. :::sigh::: Sounds terrible, doesn't it? Aren't they a socially responsible company? I remember applying for a House Party sponsored by Tom's and after seeing the shoes I declined to host.

    Love this post, BTW. I can so see the sock thing happening to me.

  13. Tom's=Ugly.

    Do you ever wonder why it's not phone camera?

  14. Great post. We just got a stash of girl scout cookies too! Your puppy looks so cute!

  15. Hi! This blog post cracked me up. I'm visiting from Totaally Tuesday Blog hop. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Follow me back? :)

  16. so glad i joined the hop this week...
    lol, this post had me cracking up!
    thanks, i needed it..
    so cool you saw the tillamook loaf bus, i want to see it! and the toms? we were JUST talking about that the other day!
    looking forward to reading more, you seem like a crazy and fun person!!!


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