Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fanny Pack {or Return of the 80s}

Ok, you may think this makes me really nerdy
Or you may think it's a fashion faux pas
But if you do, I think you're wrong.

I want a fanny pack.

Remember those?
From the 80's?
I mean if leggings and bright colored tunics can be back
(and they are in my house)
Why not fanny packs?

Between being an event planner and a puppy mama I can find a zillion reasons to have one
Everything is within reach
With no bulky purse to carry
No sore shoulders
Whether you're running (and I mean running) around onsite at an event
Or walking your dog down the street and realize that you forgot the poop bags again

Gucci has some really sleek ones (above)
That I cant afford
But I didn't start feeling excited about it
Until I discovered the awesomeness on Etsy

How flirty and fun are these waist purses from Kinies?
You know I love me some ruffles

And how fab is this recycled leather fanny pack from Happy Cow?
If didn't know better, I would think it's a thick, gorgeous designer belt.

These are not your mother's fanny packs
Now deemed *hip bags* or *waist purses*
They are gorgeous
fashion forward
chic and flirty
and well made

The leather on this hip pack from Swadeshi Leatherworks is just delicious
It looks so high end and fab!

I love the detailing on this hip purse from GimmCat 
And it's got a perfect little spot for your iPhone (essential) when you're on the go!

So what do you think?
Are you ready to give fanny packs a second chance?

**Note: I have no affiliation with the above shops other than finding and loving them.  I have not seen their products in person and have not been compensated in any way.  I just totally heart them and hope you do too!** Pin It


  1. Wow, you give a whole new perspective on the fanny pack! Love em!

    On another note, found you at the Almost Friday Blog Hop - following in every way I can now.
    Flora Loveday
    The Upper Hand

  2. I have one that I use on day kids hate it when I use it.

  3. Well that ruffle one is pretty cute, but it's still a fanny pack so I don't think I could do it! : )

    I'm stopping by from the blog hop. If you have a minute I'd love for you to stop by, where we give away something new every weekday! Today we are giving away a month of free advertising.

  4. This is a very balanced, written review of fanny packs. Back in the day they were pretty bulky. I could use these when toting my babies around. New follower from the Thursday hop and hoping to read more!

  5. I'm following you now from the friday blog hop! Love the blog and yes fanny packs need to come back. My favorite is the happy cow one!

  6. I have to give you this one! They are awesome! I wouldn't mind sporting a few! Some of them are just the right size to hold a diaper, phone, and some money. Perfect!

  7. Wow! :-0 I can't believe that the fanny pack is making a come-back :-)

  8. I <3 fanny packs I'm glad they are coming back out!!!! Stopping by from friday hop

  9. I had a fleeting thought of fannypacks once and dismissed the idea quickly. :)

    Maybe now I'll take another look :)

  10. Wow, fanny packs have come a long way. Maybe I would consider one after all. Hugs!

  11. I have that gucci one! Although it's a Guci really - as in a knockoff. Still equally cute.

    New follower from today's hop!



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