Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guilt {Sort of Wordless Wednesday}

After a substantial break from my workouts, I have begun to spin again
And it feels so good

I want to look like this again...

And yet, every time I go to class
I feel guilty for not being the first one home for this little face

Or being there to greet this handsome cowboy when he gets home from a long day at work

Or put together a little bit of this so that tummies are full and happy

Do you feel guilty for doing things for yourself?
And how do you combat it?
I know this is only going to get worse when we have babies someday, so I need to figure out a solution now!

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  1. You shouldn't feel guilty doing something for yourself, it makes you a beter (happier) wife and furbaby mommy.

  2. Hey there, just popped over from the link up! Is your pup a puggle?? I used to have one, OMG they are so sweet. Anyway, just wanted to stop and say hi! Best of luck on the workout routine...i need some inspiration these days myself ;/

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  4. I know how you feel. But it is ok to do something for yourself from time to time. I am following you from Mid week Mingle. Nice to meet you and your lovely blog.

  5. I think there will always feel guilty. I think that feeling guilty help us to remain balanced. It's good to do things for ourselves sometimes. Feeling guilty just means we care.



  6. Funny, most people feel guilty for NOT working out! But I can see how that cute puppy face might hypnotize you to want to spend more time cuddling instead. ^.^

    -:¦:- WW: Hosta Lifelines -:¦:-

  7. Love you blog! Pictures are great! I agree with what others have said here.

    Make up your mind now that you refuse to feel guilty for doing things for you, because your right everyone else will start to come first before Mum does, it's a nurturers way. Spending 20 years feeling guilty can give you a lot of stress.

    Decide that it's OK now.


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