Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Nearly Wordless} Memorial Day Weekend

I need a weekend from my weekend
It was the most fun I've had in ages
And totally exhausting

Friday Funday
(perhaps a little too much to drink fun in that second picture) 

San Diego
(and wedding fun)

And back home and blogging with a sleepy puppy...

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. Those are great pictures, looks like you had fun!

    I love the beach photo, what a cute couple.

  2. Your Friday Fun pictures are awesome! And I am so jealous that you went SD!!

  3. Great pics! Looks like so much fun!

    Thank you for stopping by Random Deals and joining the Whimsical Wednesday blog hop. I am your newest follower :) Have a great day!

  4. It looks like you had so much fun!! I love the silly one ;) Isn't it great to get away for a little bit?!

  5. You two are so cute! I may have had a bit too much to drink on Sunday, instead of Friday. We went to a BBQ, and then a taphouse. ;D

  6. Lucky guys looks like you had fun!
    Following you via Hump Day blog hop.
    Following GFC. Come visit if you have time.


  7. Looks like a great weekend! We just got back from Florida and your beach pictures sure make me wanna go back. :)

  8. I have the hardest time blogging with sleepy puppies. They make me...sleepy.


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