Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Blank Because

One of my favie fav blogs of all time
Little Miss Momma
Had this fun and simple post last week that inspired me to join in the game
{I'm also going to blatantly copy her by using some camera phone pics...mostly of the dog...for this post}

I’m weird because…
I love McDonalds.  And Carls Jr.  And pretty much all junk food.
French fries are my favorite food.  Chicken fingers follow closely behind.  With ranch.  Lots of ranch.
I listen to Christmas music all year round.  Mostly when no one's around or in my car so no one can hear.
I sleep hugging a squishy pillow and with ear plugs. 
I despise doing laundry.  And ironing.  Oh and vacuuming too.  Our puppy still barks when we pull out the vacuum or the ironing board because she's not sure what they are {that's embarrassing}
I love doing the dishes.  There's nothing like hot soapy water to warm up your insides after a good meal. 
I seriously dislike those toilet seat covers in public bathrooms.  I prefer to layer the seat with toilet paper.  I've never told anyone that before.  Is that awkward? 
I don't really like movies.  I'd rather watch tv any day.
I still call my mom *mommy*
I don't just sing when I'm in the car.  I belt it out.  And dance a little too.  I've gotten more than a few stares, but I'm ok with it, because it's a pretty great stress relief.
My puppy loves to sleep on our pillows and blankets.  And I let her.  But I guess that makes her weird and not me.  
Shopping is another one of my big stress relievers.  I completely understand the phrase *retail therapy* 
I snore.  So does the dog.  Hubby describes it as *perfect harmony*  And that's why I'm married to him
I make faces in the mirrors of the elevator of my building.
I am not a shoe person.  I actually prefer to be barefoot.
I'm ridiculously a touch obsessed with reality television.  Like I refer to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by nicknames like they're my bffs.

 Sleepy puppy

I’m sad because…
I let myself get too stressed out.
I always have to look forward to the future instead of being satisfied in today.  I want a big house with lots of kids and a great career, but I have issues with being patient.
I don't feel like I have enough time in the day to make everyone happy and spend time with everyone I should.
I've had some major craft and recipe fails.  Maybe not so much sad as disappointing.  Although they can occasionally be hilarious as well.
College football season is almost over {what? it makes me sad! not as bad as the others, but still...go bruins!}

Go Bruins!  This is apparently my football player face...
You can put that in the *weird* category

I’m happy because…
Hubby gave me my bday present early and it's a Silhouette!! 
It's almost time for Christmas music to be acceptably played.  Everywhere.  And for my boxes and boxes of holiday decorations to be unpacked.  And for our annual trip to the Christmas tree lot.  And the subsequent delicious smell of pine to permeate my home.
Thanksgiving {and my bday} is so.close.  And I get all of my and Hubby's family together in one house for it.
I have one more event this weekend and then I'm pretty well done for the season {cue sigh of relief}
I have a wonderful husband and a perfect puppy in a fabulous little apartment that I can't wait to go home to tonight {and every night}

Yessss new toy!!  Thanks Hubby!

I’m excited for…
The holdiays {obviously}
New recipes on the meal plan
More time to relax and enjoy life
Thanksgiving dinner
Tons of craft projects on the docket
Updating my etsy shop with new holiday items
My two week *winter break* from work
My birthday dinner with Hubby
Teaching myself to sew during my time off

So that's me.
{with smear-y eye makeup above}
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  1. Love this idea! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving friend!

  2. Hiya i’m your newest follower via follow me wednesday (3 four and under) what a cute blog you have :)
    love Emily from


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