Thursday, November 10, 2011

Therapy {An Honest Look at Stress}

I've mentioned more than once that I've been sick lately
I went over two weeks eating nothing other than soda crackers, toast and soup
And I'm still not feeling quite right

All of the possible diagnosis have the same thing in common

Everyone seems to think that I'm stressed except me
And I keep insisting to everyone that I'm not

Which I believe

Until I dig really deep and realize that I'm probably just lying to myself
Between work, blogging, etsy,
Being a wife, a puppy mama, and a friend
And needing wanting to be perfect at everything I do
I sometimes feel like I'm falling
And failing

I ask myself, why shouldn't I be successful in everything that I do
Why can't I be the best event planner
Have the best blog and the hot new shop
And run home at night to walk the puppy, cook dinner for my husband
And still find time to exercise, eat right, and look fabulous

Oh and I also need to be there for every birthday
Every occasion, every shower, every dinner
And be *on*
And oh so charming and fabulous

But then I ask myself why?
Will I get fired?  Will my husband stop loving me?
Will my friends cease to be my friends?
Will I be a complete failure?
Maybe not.
But sometimes it feels like it.

They say I may need to go to therapy
And maybe I should
But for now, this is my therapy
Writing about it
Admitting it
And moving forward.

And maybe getting back into yoga.

How do you avoid getting so stressed out?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean.. Add two kids - a cat, a lizard, and a desert tortoise - I started therapy and I learned one word that basically gets me out of the feeling that I have to do it all for my kids... husband... So when I am asked (especially by the kids)to do something I don't have time for... don't want to have time for.. or just plan don't want to do... The magic word is - are you ready? Bummer.... That's it.... "Mom - I forgot to get my project done - I need your help at midnight" Me -"Bummer"... Kids "But all my friends get to hang out at the 7-11 at midnight... Me "Bummer".. Husband - "It's been a while... we haven't had sex... Me.. Bummer.. no scratch that.. It works most of the time... ha ha.. Good luck and relax..
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  2. I have so been here, take a week and just do stuff for YOU and only you. Therapy is always good too, it is not bad to see a therapist. It really does help!

  3. From personal experience, no your husband will not stop loving you. In fact, he'll probably step in when you need him to help you the most. Also, I love therapy. An hour to talk about myself without having to feel guilty? Yes please!

  4. Oh honey, I feel ya! It's so easy to let it all consume you. I finally hit the wall with it when Landon was born. I just physically do it all anymore. I've made it a priority to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I just don't function on less. So no matter what hasn't been finished that day, I wrap it up about 11pm and try to forget about it. I've also started doing kickboxing lately and it helps so much! No kid, no phone, no dishes, just punching the stress out! Good luck babe! I'm always here if you need to chat!

  5. i'll never stop being your friend, so don't feel the need to EVER put up a front. and if you ever feel like bitching and complaining i'm all ears <3.... i love you! when you're feeling better and things settle down let's plan something! i'd love to see you and be totally unfabulous together :)


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