Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kickin' It

There have been a ton of bucket list items roaming around Pinterest
And it reminded me that I made a baby bucket list ages ago

With New Years, and all of the resolutions that come with it fast approaching, I went back, looked it over, and realized that it's probably pretty darn unrealistic
So instead, I've decided to change it into a real bucket list
And then I have much more time 
{no, not preggo, still on bc...I just don't think we're going to get through five trips in the next few years...}

So here's my revised bucket list
With a few things crossed out, a few things removed, a few things coming soon, a ton of things added {many courtesy of Pinterest} and a whole lot of things to hope for in the future!

(Hubby and I have done some of these separately, but we'd like to do them together)
Kiss my Hubby at the top of the Eiffel Tower
Eat and drink our way through Italy
Bike tour through Ireland
See the historic sights of England
Go on a safari in Africa
Take a wine tasting trip to Napa
Explore Machu Picchu 
Road trip from Los Angeles to Canada
Hawaii and/or Caribbean 
Go to New York for New Years Eve 
Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Work with my current employer for at least 5 years {only 6 months to go...pension here I come!}
Be more excited about traveling for work
Develop my Etsy shop and offer new and exciting products
Help friends plan their weddings

Home & Family
Buy a house (and decorate it!)
Start a garden (with fruits, vegetables and herbs in addition to flowers)
Hold a housewarming party
Have dinner parties for all of our friends
Host a 4th of July BBQ
Host Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter for our family
Cook dinner at least three times a week, every week
Make up all of my own recipes
Have a healthy, happy little baby
Create an earthquake kit for our home
Raise a golden retriever pup to be a best friend for our doggie
Raise, train and love a puppy
Buy a new car
Purchase our wedding album
Create a will (a bit creepy, but necessary before a baby!)

Craft more often (learn to make beautiful things, on a budget)
Get a new camera
Take a photography class
Take a floral decorating class
Learn more about wine and wine tasting
Do something active at least three times a week
Hit and maintain a goal weight
Feel good about myself
Learn how to sew well enough to make clothes for myself and my family
Go scuba diving
Go to at least one concert every year
Go to at least one play every year
Volunteer at least a few times a year
Go skydiving
Learn how to fly a plane
Train for and complete a triathalon or a century ride

What's on your bucket list?
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  1. What a great list! I specially like the personal list :)

  2. I love bucket lists :)
    Your list is fabulous!
    Breanna xx


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