Monday, February 28, 2011

Headband Love {and Real Style}

I loooove headbands.  I mean, they're one of those accessories that can make your outfit pop, but never make you look fat.

Enter Nichelle from Vintage Wanna Bee and her gorgeous headbands.  The Momma Go Round facebook posted up that VintageWannaBee was the deal of the day on Etsy, so I had to go check it out.  I mean, who doesn't love a good deal

And there they were.  Gorgeous, delicate lace headbands that promised to not only be beautiful, but to be comfy too.  And to a headache proned lady, that was all I needed to know.  I bought one in grey, one in yellow, and a cute little rosette headband too.

**Warning: this was my first attempt at self photos,
and there are some that are majorly just slightly out of frame, 
so please don't laugh. 
Or at least not too hard**

I slipped on the grey one, and success!  The gorgeous little headband stayed on my head, but not so tight that it cut off circulation to my brain.  This one was going to be my go to for my work wardrobe, which consists mostly of shades of black, grey and navy (I'm boring at work, what can I say?).

Next, I tried on the yellow.  This one was mostly to wear to UCLA games.  But as soon as I put it on, it just made me feel happy, flirty and fun

I have a feeling I'm going to wear it

The rosettes were my little extra splurge.  They weren't on sale, but I figured that as long as the other ones were, I might as well.  I already saved money, right?  And they are just too cute for words.

And for a quick zoom back, I'm participating in Momma Go Round's Real {Puppy} Momma, Real Style link up today. She said it was cool for me to participate even tho I'm not realllly a momma. I swear.

Headband: VintageWannaBee (have you not been paying attention??), Necklaces: vintage (from grandma), Tunic: H&M, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Bloomies (from back when buying shoes was more important than paying rent)
Momma Go Round

So go hit up VintageWannaBee right now and grab some headbands so you can feel as fun and fabulous as I do!  And if you're feeling like a hot mama, link up to Momma Go Round's Real Momma, Real Style partay!

*As always, this is not a sponsored post.  Just some true love for Nichelle's pretty products that I wanted to pass on to ya'll* Pin It

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hubby Appreciation Night

Hubby came back late last night after being away on business since Monday morning.  You know how they say you appreciate something more when you don't have it?  Yeah.  I appreciate him.  A lot.

I realized that he's the one who brings the puppy down to potty at night when its dark and cold
Or takes her for a walk when I'm sick and tired
Or plays with her on the floor while I watch tv

My *puppy-daddy*

He's the one who goes out and picks up dinner when I don't feel like cooking
And fills up my car with gas before it runs out
And can always make me laugh when I'm having a bad day

Just having him there makes me feel safe when I snuggle up in bed at night

You'd feel safe with that hunk protecting you too, right :)?

So tomorrow night will be *Hubby Appreciation Night* in our house.  I'm making dinner and taking care of everything so that he can just relax and enjoy (trying Russian Chicken, slow cooker style, and of course Potato Casserole) Because, in my opinion, people who are that special need to be reminded of how awesome they are every once in a while. 

What do you do to show your Hubby (or significant other) how much you appreciate them?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I share my stories, my photos and my thoughts with all of you, but there are so many little things that I've never opened up and shared.  So I thought that I'd share a few of the basics about me.

I may go by Mrs. H throughout my blog, but my first name is Rachel

I am a UCLA Bruin

I met my Hubby in the hallway of his fraternity.  We were both *Greek* in college and it was a big part of our lives.

I talk to my mom every day and still call her *mommy*

I hate change and I hate not having full control of a situation.  Doing things for the first time stresses me out.

I have been obsessed with weddings since birth.  This inspired me to get into my career in event planning.

I will never, ever move out of the Los Angeles area if I can help it

I am a type A compulsive first child

I still have not gotten my passport, my Costco card, or other *not important* things changed into my married name (pure laziness)

I have a constant need for approval.  I want everyone to like me.

My grandma is the most talented person that I know. 

I love junk food.  McDonalds is my friend and I absolutely am not interested in seeing Food Inc or reading any books that will change that.

I desperately want to have a baby (or three).  I have always wanted to be a mama.  My deepest fear is that, when Hubby and I are ready for it, something will be wrong and we won't be able to.

I hate doing laundry and for the most part avoided the chore until I got married (yes, that's right folks..I did laundry *with* my mom until I got married)

I love doing the dishes.  My grandma used to *let me help* (she's a smart woman) when I was little and it's made me feel warm and happy since then.

So what do you think?  I hope I'm not to big of a weirdo and we can still be friends.  I'd love to know something special about each and every one of you...leave me a comment!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Knit Wit

Still kind of exhausted so let's keep this short.

This is how I've been occupying my time since I got sick.  I'm tired of watching loads of TLC (honestly, what makes you feel better than a Baby Story or What Not to Wear) and needed something that I could do mindlessly.  So I decided to get back into my knitting (Grandma will be so proud).

UCLA themed scarf coming soon.

And by soon, I mean a year or two.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Camera Phone Gems (ie mostly just pictures of the puppy)

Hello lovers.  I've spent the last four days on the couch or the bed (watching Sex and the City reruns...) with something the stomach flu and am just starting to recover.  Consequently, I've been unbelievably un-productive and boring.  So I figured I would dig back into my camera phone for some smiles.

Let's be honest, most of them are of the Booger dog.  And there are a lot more where that came from.

Let's start pre-sickness.  I went to the grocery store and decided to get ice cream.  So I could have a little treat every once in a while.  My little treat turned into a big sundae.  Oh well.
I'm a fatty
as always.

I took this one in the parking lot for Hubby, who has his PhD in engineering.  He jokes that he should offer medical advice.  I don't laugh.
Read the license plate.  Think about it.
I did.

Even though he's just a fake doctor (hahaha), Hubby really does rock.  Remember how I was in Phoenix all alone for that conference?
He sent me a basket of cookies
Shaped like my puppy
Seriously, could I be any luckier?

My dog is kind of a lush.  She likes to watch the puppy bowl and drink beer with her BFF, the octopus toy.  I don't know where she gets it from.
Yes, I do.

Hmm...I wonder why I got sick.  It couldn't be because I have a puppy that finds the one dry spot in the pouring rain.
And makes her mama sit in the middle of the downpour to try to coax her out to go potty.
Nah, that's not it.

At least she decided to behave today.  She slept on my lap and helped me feel better.  
I love my little smooshy face.

Sorry folks, that's all of the effort that my light-headed brain can produce at this point.  Don't forget to check out What's on Jessica's Camera Phone at The Lowe Family News every single week!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

*Slow Cooker Scrumptiousness* Link Up!!

**Edit: I apparently have a bit of an epic linky fail going on right now (typical for my first try I guess).  You should be able to link up to the pop up below now!  The folks over at inlinkz have been ridiculously responsive and helpful, but we're going to have to go this route for now.   Sorry guys!**

Alrighty peeps, this is my first ever link up, so let's make it awesome.  I've featured a couple of super easy, super quick slow cooker recipes this week.  Now, I want to know what you have been throwing in the crock pot. 

Write up a post on your favorite slow cooker recipe and link it up below (or feel free to link to a slow cooker post you already wrote).  Grab the button and post it on your blog or post if you're feelin me. 

And if you're new to my bloggy little blog, follow along and leave me some comment love.  You know you want to.

My Happily Ever After

I'll leave this up all weekend long so that everyone has time to share.  And next week, I may even feature some of my favorites.

Have fun!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

*Slow Cooker Scrumptiousness* Barbecue Chicken Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

Sadly, this is the last in the *Slow Cooker Scrumptiousness* series (for this week at least...I am totally inspired to try more!).  This one was an inspiration all of my own (not that it's all that creative).  It's just as easy.  And it's just as delicious.

Barbecue Chicken Cheese Sandwiches
For chicken:
Chicken breasts (defrosted)
One bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce
Half of a yellow onion, quartered
2 tblspns of brown sugar
For sandwich:
Cheddar cheese
Budda (butter, right my fellow Paula Deen addicts?)

Ok, this one is just as hard as the salsa chicken.  First, pour a little barbecue sauce in the bottom of the pot.

Then, take your defrosted chicken breasts and onion and put them in your slow cooker on low.  Add some brown sugar on top.

Pour the rest of the sauce over the top (are we sensing a trend from the salsa chicken here?)

Do your thangDance around your kitchen a little bit.  Trust me, it makes the chicken tastier.  Just come back 6-8 hours later. Dump it out of the slow cooker and use a fork to pull the chicken apart.

This is the most complicated part.  Ever made a grilled cheese sandwichYeah.  It's like that.  Throw some budda (butter, come on people) on one side of your bread and pop them into a pan with some cheese on top. 

Once the cheese gets melty and the bread gets toasty, pull them off of there, slap some chicken in the middle, and admire your hard work.

Oh, and eat it.  Yummmmmmmm.

Sadly, I can't claim that this one is healthy.  But I can assure you that it is delicious.  You could probably use the chicken in a zillion different simple recipes too.  Got any ideasShare!  And don't forget to get your own slow cooker recipe ready to link up tomorrow!

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