Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Nearly Wordless} Memorial Day Weekend

I need a weekend from my weekend
It was the most fun I've had in ages
And totally exhausting

Friday Funday
(perhaps a little too much to drink fun in that second picture) 

San Diego
(and wedding fun)

And back home and blogging with a sleepy puppy...

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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Monday, May 30, 2011

*Slow Cooker Lite* Chicken and Vegetable Curry

I'm honored to say that I'm co-hosting the Totally Tuesday blog hop today!  Click below to join up, and welcome to all of my new friends!

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop

Let's get cookin'

I was starting to think that this whole being healthy thing was going to be too much work
There was lots of browning and oven baking and such
Real cooking stuff

But Kayln showed me the light. 
She introduced me to Patak's Curry Paste
Which is simultaneously South Beach friendly
And fabulously delicious
The below recipe is based on one from Kayln's Kitchen
And modified by little 'ol me.

*Slow Cooker Lite* Chicken and Vegetable Curry
2 onions
2 green bell peppers
2 carrots
8 oz mushrooms
4 chicken breasts
1 can diced tomatoes
6 tblspns Patak's Biryani Curry Paste - Cilantro and Cumin, Medium
(to taste, I like mine spicy)

Pour a enough curry paste in the bottom of the pot to barely cover it (about 1 tblspn)

Throw your chicken breasts in the pot.

Dice up your onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and carrots (and any other leftover veggies you feel like throwing in) and add them to the pot.

Add the diced tomatoes and juice and enough curry sauce to give it a good coating (about 5 tblspns ended up being about half the jar for me)

Switch the magic slow cooker to low and walk away.  Take the pup or the kiddos for a walk.  Do some jumping jacks.  Dance around your apartment until you break a sweat. 

Come back in 6-8 hours
And try not to gasp at how delicious your home smells.
Shred up the chicken if you're in the mood for that.

Serve it in a bowl for you
And over rice for your Hubby or the little ones
And, once again, enjoy the fact that you made something that's not only delicious
But also good for you.


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fanny Pack {or Return of the 80s}

Ok, you may think this makes me really nerdy
Or you may think it's a fashion faux pas
But if you do, I think you're wrong.

I want a fanny pack.

Remember those?
From the 80's?
I mean if leggings and bright colored tunics can be back
(and they are in my house)
Why not fanny packs?

Between being an event planner and a puppy mama I can find a zillion reasons to have one
Everything is within reach
With no bulky purse to carry
No sore shoulders
Whether you're running (and I mean running) around onsite at an event
Or walking your dog down the street and realize that you forgot the poop bags again

Gucci has some really sleek ones (above)
That I cant afford
But I didn't start feeling excited about it
Until I discovered the awesomeness on Etsy

How flirty and fun are these waist purses from Kinies?
You know I love me some ruffles

And how fab is this recycled leather fanny pack from Happy Cow?
If didn't know better, I would think it's a thick, gorgeous designer belt.

These are not your mother's fanny packs
Now deemed *hip bags* or *waist purses*
They are gorgeous
fashion forward
chic and flirty
and well made

The leather on this hip pack from Swadeshi Leatherworks is just delicious
It looks so high end and fab!

I love the detailing on this hip purse from GimmCat 
And it's got a perfect little spot for your iPhone (essential) when you're on the go!

So what do you think?
Are you ready to give fanny packs a second chance?

**Note: I have no affiliation with the above shops other than finding and loving them.  I have not seen their products in person and have not been compensated in any way.  I just totally heart them and hope you do too!** Pin It

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Posting Today: *Slow Cooker* Chili at ChicnSavvy Reviews

I'm super honored and delighted to share that
Kelsey from ChicnSavvy Reviews
Invited me to guest post on her blog today!

We're cookin up some *Slow Cooker Lite* Chili over there
That earned Hubby's stamp of approval last night as
*The best slow cooker meal that you've ever made*

Check it out!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guilt {Sort of Wordless Wednesday}

After a substantial break from my workouts, I have begun to spin again
And it feels so good

I want to look like this again...

And yet, every time I go to class
I feel guilty for not being the first one home for this little face

Or being there to greet this handsome cowboy when he gets home from a long day at work

Or put together a little bit of this so that tummies are full and happy

Do you feel guilty for doing things for yourself?
And how do you combat it?
I know this is only going to get worse when we have babies someday, so I need to figure out a solution now!

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