Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Not Really Wordless} The Time I Defeated The Behemoth

Warning: The following story probably couldn't get more random and you will be simultaneously impressed and disgusted by my eating skills.  You have been warned.

So this one time, one of my coworkers suggested that we go to the Grill 'em All burger truck for lunch
Apparently they won "The Great Food Truck Race"
And since it was walking distance from our office, we clearly needed to try it

Then I found out that they make this
(from their website)

*grilled cheese buns, cheddar, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce*

And took it as a personal challenge

My coworkers were very impressed when I got down to this

And then realized there was still cheese left on the big piece bread in the middle
And ate that too

And that was the time that I defeated the Behemoth

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Monday, August 29, 2011

{Omg} Cookies & Cream Oreo Cupcakes

There are two people in my office who kick some serious baking butt
But they were both out of town for my office bff's birthday
So she was stuck with me

When I asked her what she wanted, she send me the link
For these totally ridiculous Cookies and Cream Cupcakes
From Annie's Eats
I drooled just from reading the instructions

And while mine were not nearly the creation that Annie made
They were still pretty darn good
And they would be an awe-inducing addition to your Labor Day partay

Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcakes

Cupcake liners
24 Oreo halves
2¼ cups flour
1 tspn baking powder
½ tspn salt
8 tbspn unsalted butter
1 2/3 cup sugar
3 egg whites
2 tspn vanilla extract
1 cup milk
20 Oreo cookies

8 oz cream cheese
6 tbspns unsalted butter
1 tbspn vanilla extract
4 cups powdered sugar 
2 tbspns heavy cream

Garnish with cookie crumbs and oreo halves

First, pull all of the butter, cream cheese and eggs out.
They need to be at room temperature when you use them.
And I always forget this and end up throwing them in the microwave.  Ugh.

Then, prep your Oreos.
You need 24 halves with the cream side up,  
24 halves that are literally cut in half (half moon shaped),  
20 chopped Oreos for inside the cupcake.
And save the little crumbs to garnish with (or, if that's too much work, crush up some of the other halves of the ones you used for the bottom of the cupcake once you're done)
We ain't wasting here peeps

Preheat the oven to 350˚ F.
Pop your cupcake liners into the baking sheets.
Put an Oreo half in the bottom of each with the cream side up.
(side note: how frickin cute are these liners?  they're from ralphs!)

Grab a bowl and combine the flour, baking powder and salt.

In another bowl, combine the butter and sugar and beat with an electric mixer on medium-high speed until light and fluffy.

Blend in the egg whites one at a time.
(shoot...I just realized that I used the whole egg!  ignore my picture!  oh well...they still turned out delish!)

Add in the vanilla and blend it up.

Turn your mixer to low and add half of the dry bowl into the wet bowl.

Add the milk and beat until just combined

Mix in the rest of the dry bowl

Fold in the chopped Oreos

Pour the batter into the cupcake liners
(Note: because of the Oreos in the batter and the bottom, these won't rise as much as normal cupcakes.  You can see how high I filled the tins below and how they turned out.  If would fill more than this if I did it again)

And cook for 18 - 20 minutes
When they come out, let them cool for a couple minutes
Then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely

Now for the frosting
(read: my favorite part)

Toss the cream cheese and butter in yet another bowl
(if you ever wondered what makes cream cheese frosting so good, you're lookin at it...)

Beat them up with an electric mixer on medium-high for a minute or so, until smooth

Add in the vanilla extract and beat it some more 
Next up is the powdered sugar, for a few more minutes until everything is nice and smooth

Finally, pour in the heavy cream (sinful) and whip everything up for 4 minutes
It should look all light and fluffy and should be begging you to stick your finger in and taste it

I did my usual white trash cupcake frosting method of cutting a hole in a ziplock bag
You can be classier if you'd like
(Reminder: don't frost until the cupcakes are totally cooled off)

Make them perty by sprinkling the crumbs over the top
And sticking half an Oreo in each

This one's guaranteed to impress your coworkers
Your husband
Your friends
Or pretty much whoever lays eyes on them
Including you.

These last two were taken on my iPhone at work before the cupcakes were served...

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Pre-Labor Day White Hot *Style*

It's almost Labor Day
Which for your east coasters, means no more white

But I live in sunny So Cal
So I roll with white pants all year long

It may be a fashion faux pas
But I'm doin' in

How cute is my *camera on the shoulder* pose?

What fashion *don'ts* do you do anyway?

I've been trying to do fun things with my hair
But I'm usually proud when I make a nice pinned bun like this
Headband: Vintage Wanna Bee, Necklace/Earrings: Tiffanys, Bracelet: Lisa Leonard
Tank top: Nordstrom, Tunic: H&M, White Pants: Banana Republic, Sandals: Nine West Outlet

And what are you going to rock this Labor Day weekend?

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