Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Cuteness Factor

Can we talk about the cuteness factor for a second?
I know I'm her mommy, but I think my dog is pretty much the cutest thing ever
I mean, look at that face
How could you say no to that little munchkin face?
{we don't and thus she is both cute and totally badly behaved}

Part two of the equation is a little thing I saw on Pinterest ages ago that said
*Rawr Means I Love You in Dinosaur*
I showed this to Hubby, and we both were quite tickled by it
We started saying *rawr* occasionally
Because we're cool like that.

Enter part three and the ultimate winner in the cuteness factor
I was bored the other day and decided to search for dog art on Etsy
Major mistake {for my bank account at least}
I stumbled across AfricanGrey and Whitney's fabulous pup prints
And then I saw this and knew that I had to have it...

Are you dying??
Every time I look at this thing it makes me smile
I got it as a pseudo-late-Valentines Day gift for Hubby
{to justify the purchase}
And now it's hanging proudly in our bedroom over the pup's crate with this little nugget next to it

Oh, and here are a few more of my absolute favs from her delightful little shop
{can you tell I have a thing for pugs?}

This, my friends, has the cuteness factor and then some.

*This is totally not an endorsed post and I was not compensated for it in any way.  I am simply so in love with the product that I wanted to share it with all of you! Pin It


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