Monday, May 28, 2012


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Remember when I was sick?
That sucked {and luckily went away as mysteriously as it came on..}
But as I was starting to recover, I felt weak
I knew that I wanted to build back some muscle, but I also knew that weights and treadmills were not in my immediate future

So I started doing yoga at lunch time in my building at work {for free! thanks work}
Not only did it help to start to strengthen and stretch my body after months on the couch, but it helped to clear my head too...
Even though I'm a bit of a spaz and usually fell half way through most of the poses

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

When I got back to normal and went back to the gym, I just couldn't stop
I still go at lunch
And go to power yoga at the gym twice a week
I've tried new and different workouts, but I'm never as sore as the day after a yoga class
I feel strong, graceful, balanced and less stressed than I have in the past
Not only do I love the way that I feel after yoga, but I love how I feel when I'm doing it
And I can't say that for most of my other workouts

Any other yoga lovers out there?

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  1. since i'll have more time this summer, i'm definitely planning on getting back into yoga!! when i lived in hawaii i was doing it 2-3 times a week and i was in great shape. i miss it! anyways i'll see you soon, ladyface! -cait

  2. That is so awesome your work pays for that. YOU go girl. I need some of your will power :)

  3. ME! I am totally in love with doing yoga. It made me calmer, more balanced, and have more patience. I cannot stop doing it. What are your favorite poses? :)


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