Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello, Monday

Oh hi Monday.
It's good to see you.
Did you know the first football game of the season is on Thursday?
That makes this a good week in my book.

Hello Michaels
Is it really time for Christmas decorations?  Really????
Ok, well then I guess it's perfectly appropriate for me to go back to listening to Christmas music.  Done.

Hello pretty sky.
It's been a weird few weeks of weather over here...we Angelinos prefer a little less humidity than we've been served up.

And on the same token, hello 109?!?!
This makes me question my desire to live in the valley.

Hello new glasses and nerdy-est face I've ever made.
It looks like I'm not wearing anything in this picture.
Let me assure you that I was not naked in the middle of the optometrists office.
Although at 109 degrees, I would consider it.

Hello brilliant idea #1 of the week.
Any other apartment dwelling doggie mamas out there who always need pockets to carry their phone/keys/treats when taking the pup out?  Grab an old wristlet and attach it to the loop of the leash!
I'm either a genius for discovering this or a total idiot for not thinking of it sooner.

Hello brilliant idea #2.  Just dip.
So sweet, so salty,
So brilliant, and so fattening.

Hello you.
Are you excited about the return of college football?!?!
Everyone get your hands up and ready for an 8-clap!
{Go Bruins}

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  1. SO over this heat too! Cant wait to see you SOON!


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