Thursday, August 30, 2012

Semi-Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Avocado Enchiladas {Little Kitchen, Big Bites}

Remember how I told you about my new cooking blog Little Kitchen, Big Bites?
Just in case you haven't had a chance to take a peak, I wanted to share my newest recipe,
Semi-Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Avocado Enchiladas

Anything that involves three whole, delectable avocados is a winner off the bat in my book.
Hubby took a break from shoveling them into his mouth to say *top five, all time*
And I agreed.
Well, I agreed as much as I could with my face full of enchiladas.
It was more of a happy grunt and a nod.

They looked like this when we started dinner...

And then like this about five minutes later....
I may have licked the plate after this picture was taken...

They were simply awesome.
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  1. You got me swallowing real hard, I love Avocados!
    Going over to get the recipe,thanks for sharing!

  2. I want to come over for dinner :)


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