Tuesday, May 14, 2013

growingggg {36 weeks}

i keep growinggggg
i'm almost at 37 weeks today and i can't believe that this adventure will be ending beginning soon!
baby girl will be full term tomorrow, so i figured i should give another pregnancy update

you can also see the slow evolution of the nursery behind me...
i maintain that this striped tank makes me look bigger...but i kind of love it for that reason...
{sweats: juicy, white tank:nordstrom, dress: rosie pope, striped tank: old navy, leggings: charming charlie}

how far along?  36 weeks, 5 days
baby size?  baby girl is the length of a honeydew {yum!} or a small watermelon according to some sites {yikes!}
maternity clothes?  as much as i can...but my work pants still work with the bella band and some of my leggings and tops are still a'ok {although i may regret stretching them out later...}.  the maternity clothes is definitely more comfortable, but at this point i feel like there's no point in buying more than the limited set that i have
cravings?  nothing crazy...just eating a lot of the stuff that i wouldn't let myself splurge on before.  sweets and french fries come to mind :)  but i've also been eating a lot of salmon and berries so at least this little one isn't hurting too much for good food
feeling?  a little exhausted and sore every. single. time. i stand up {i have a slip in my sacroiliac joint that can't be fixed until baby gets here so my back isn't my friend}.  and super super excited to meet this baby!
best moment this week?  relaxing on mother's day with my family
sleep?  doing ok...up more than i used to be with being a little uncomfortable and having to use the bathroom every few hours, but still getting enough.  i figure waking up every few hours is good practice anyway...
miss anything?  still deli sandwiches.  and i could use some sushi too!
movement?  all the time.  my stomach looks like there's an alien about to break out of it.  and sometimes up and under my ribs.  ouch.  but it's seriously the most amazing thing ever.  i think it's going to be all kinds of weird after baby comes when i can't feel her bumping around in there anymore.
anything making you queasy or sick?  still squash/pumpkin/sweet potatoes.  luckily it's not the fall, so it's no big deal.
looking forward to?  meeting this little one in a few weeks!  holy smokes! Pin It


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