Wednesday, May 22, 2013

maternity leave

today is my first day of maternity leave
i've got a bazillion things to do in between now and baby's arrival, but at the same time i'm wondering what i'm going to do to fill my time if she comes late
i'm captain schedule, queen of the to do list.  even tropical vacations have a timeline and a list of activities.  and although i've got things to do, i think it's going to be odd for me to live life without a prescribed schedule.
and probably even harder once a little one comes that doesn't want to stick to the schedule that i've decided on.

 a couple of pics of the nursery in progress and my big belly for fun...

at this point, i'm not sure if i'll be posting more or less...i'm pretty in the dark on the whole newborn thing and i don't have a clue how much time i'm going to have once she gets here
but i'll do my best to keep updating
and i'm going to try to keep posting recipes and occasional life updates over at little kitchen, big bites
because the freezer meals that i'm putting together can only go so far and a girl's got to eat, ya know

any tips from the mommy bloggers out there on how to balance blogging and a newborn?
or do you just not?  and take a maternity leave from the blog too?

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  1. YAY! I enjoyed this time SO much! I look forward to meeting up! So excited for you Rach :)


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